Why online??

Online lessons have many advantages, the first and foremost being flexibility: the lesson adapts to the user’s schedule and takes place wherever the user may choose. Online lessons also have the advantage of comfort and convenience: all it takes is a computer with a webcam and a microphone and fast internet access. All the above in combination with an integrated learning program provided at all levels through interactive activities, attractive applications and multimedia makes the learning process absolutely amusing and effective!


Why EV·YE?

Because, first of all our courses feature everything you need to raise your Greek to a higher level. Secondly, the services that we can offer involve far more than mere “language” lessons: apart from a high-quality learning experience, EV·YE also provides access to a variety of material based on each student’s interests, and to recommendations, useful information and pleasant surprises.


Which procedure is followed for enrollment in lessons?

The first step for any interested person is to make an appointment for a free of charge first meeting with the teacher. The purpose of this meeting is to inform prospective students about the methods used and to “guide” them through the digital educational platform where the course is conducted, as well as to resolve any questions. The first meeting does not involve any obligation for purchase of any course. However, if the prospective students so wishe, they can then choose a course package and arrange the lesson hours and days in consultation with the teacher. If necessary, they can also take a “placement test” which will help us to access their level of competence in Greek. Finally, they will need to complete their “registration form”. The process is completed when the student prepays 50% of his / her tuition fees at least 10 days before starting his / her course.


Which cancellation policy is applied by the school?

If a student has to cancel a lesson, he/she can do so without being charged if he / she informs the teacher at least 24 hours before the scheduled class. Otherwise he / she will be charged for the lesson. A similar commitment also applies to the teacher, who may cancel the lesson at least 24 hours in advance.

Is a privacy policy maintained by the school’s website?

With respect to the privacy policy about the personal data that are being collected and managed by the school’s website, we are fully committed to protecting your privacy. The Privacy Policy covers all personal data of users during their visit and use of our services.

What is the “Digital Library”? The “Digital Library” is an environment accessible by all students of “EV·YE my greek e- class” for as long as they attend classes. It includes quite interesting information about Greek culture, Greece and Greeks, suggestions for music, movies, museums and activities in Greece, websites and links on various subjects according to each student’s interests and hobbies, rich photographic material and more!