B. Special programs

1. Courses for University students: addressed to ERASMUS students in Greece or to students of Greek studies abroad, but also to students interested in the Greek language in general.

2. Lessons for Interpreters / Translators: specially designed courses a. with emphasis on vocabulary through familiarization with articles of the Greek press and current topics, as well as with texts of socio-political and historical interest b. focusing on peculiarities of the Greek Language in terms of grammar and syntax.

3. Preparation program: for examinations for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek of the Center for the Greek Language and the Ministry of Education.

4. Summer school for children: summer programs for primary and secondary school children. The main aim of the program is to familiarize children with the Greek language through music, games and fun activities.

5. Oral Program: provides students with the opportunity to improve their oral skills (pronunciation, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions). By encouraging discussion through role-plays, brief presentations and conversations, and through the use of audiovisual media, is the ideal choice for someone who wants to speak with greater confidence and communicate effectively.

6. Business Greek: The program is addressed to professionals seeking to improve their communication skills at the workplace. The lessons aim at the practice of oral and written speech in order for the student to be able to respond effectively to situations involving meetings, phone calls and communication by e-mails. Finally, it includes learning specific business terminology related to the participant’ s field (eg legal terminology, financial terminology, military terminology, medical terminology, etc.).