The idea of creating “ my greek e-class” was born first of all out of our passion for teaching the Modern Greek language, and our desire to combine the whole learning process with elements of Greek culture. Our main goal is for our students to be in direct contact with the Greek culture and with the customs and beauties of our country while learning Greek. That is why the lessons are accompanied by a variety of activities and access to rich material provided free of charge.

EV•YE” is an online service specialized in teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign/Second language. We offer small group or private courses which are mainly addressed to adults of all levels. The lessons are conducted “live” through our online classes by experienced teachers, all native speakers of Greek.

What makes “my greek e-class” unique is that, by harnessing the tools provided by new technologies, we manage to offer a high quality lesson similar to that of a traditional class. It combines the advantages of online teaching (flexibility, comfort, direct access to all kinds of information material) and avoid all the shortcomings of a traditional school (unnecessary comings and goings, crowded classes etc.).